Ghost Recon Wildlands - Tier 1 Mode Explained

Here's how the new Tier 1 Mode works in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

A new feature called Tier 1 Mode has been added to Ghost Recon Wildlands as an incentive for advanced players to continue their progression beyond the max level cap. Tier 1 Mode gives players the flexibility to challenge themselves while earning new rewards in Ghost Recon Wildlands. This guide will explain how to activate Tier 1 Mode and what this new mode has to offer. 

How to activate Tier 1 Mode in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands Tier 1

Tier 1 Mode is only available to dedicated players who have reached max Level 30 in Ghost Recon Wildlands. After reaching Level 30, players can activate Tier 1 Mode by going into the menu and selecting the Tier One tab along the top bar. 

Upon activating Tier One Mode, you will start at Tier 50 and have to work your way down to Tier 1. In lieu of XP, players accumulate Tier Points that are applied toward activating the next Tier. Tiers also provide additional Supply and Tier Points Bonus multipliers to help you progress faster through the ranks. 

If you wish to squad up with friends of a different Tier level, don’t worry. The Tier system will average out the difficulty of the Tiers in your squad to balance the mission AI and maintain an even playing field that caters to everyone’s skill level.

Tier rewards

Players will earn rewards for each Tier level they activate. Starting at Tier 50, players are awarded new clothing items or weapons every five Tiers (Tiers 50, 45, 40, and so on), with Supply Packs being awarded for each Tier level in between. If you reach a Tier that you feel is the right difficulty level for you, you can simply postpone activating the next Tier. However, not progressing through the Tiers means you'll miss out on some helpful reward items.

If you don’t own the Division, but wish you could get your hands on the LVOA-C Bad news rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands, then Tier 1 Mode is for you. This exclusive rifle can be obtained as a Tier Reward for reaching Tier 5. 

Weapon upgrades

The gameplay will become increasingly difficult as you progress through the Tiers, so you’ll need some powerful guns to help you get through each challenge. As such, all weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands can now be upgraded to maintain their viability. 

Upgrades require various quantities of supplies and resources. Weapons can now be leveled up to increase their damage and make some of the best weapons, like the BFG-50A or the HTI sniper rifles, even more powerful. Weapon upgrades can also allow you to improve weapons that weren’t necessarily viable before. 

BenjoRippin gives a great breakdown of what the new Tier 1 Mode contains in Ghost Recon Wildlands, including details on specific Tier reward weapons and apparel. Check out his video below for more information on the new Tier system in case we missed anything here.

While Tier 1 Mode adds a challenging twist to the usual missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands, giving players who may have finished the game a nice incentive to come back. Since the mode is still new, it doesn’t look like any players have reached Tier 1 just yet. Once they do, we’ll be sure to update this guide with Wildlands Tier 1 reward details.

For those wondering, there's still no word on whether the highly requested PvP mode will be added to Ghost Recon Wildlands any time soon, but we'll be sure to update you as soon as we find out more. Let us know in the comments below what Tier you’ve reached in Ghost Recon Wildlands so far and what weapon you chose to upgrade first. After more tips and tricks? Learn how to Get the ACR in Ghost Recon Wildlands 


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