Top World of Tanks GIFs from the First Half of 2017

A look back at some of the best World of Tanks GIFs we’ve seen so far this year.

From ramming kills to goomba-stomps, our Top World of Tanks GIFs of the Week series has featured all sorts of zany tanker antics. Now that we’re half way through 2017, we figured we’d take a look back at some of our favorite World of Tanks GIFs from our series and gather them here for you to enjoy. This also lets you discover some hilarious World of Tanks moments that you might have missed. 

It was a bit difficult to narrow down our favorites, as there have been a lot of amusing World of Tanks GIFs over the past 19 weeks. We’ve grouped a couple GIFs together for those that have a similar theme. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these top World of Tanks GIFs from the first half of 2017! 

The Bounce Felt Round the World

Our first top-notch tank GIF comes to us from way back in Week 6 of our series. This clip features a very lucky arty shot that will make you do a double-take.

The CGC fires a shot just as an enemy T-54 comes over a ledge toward their location. The shell bounces off the cliffside and launches into the air, destroying an unsuspecting T95 somewhere on the other side of the map.  Talk about having RNG on your side!

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