Highest Win Rate Tanks from June

These are the tanks that performed the best during the month of June.

If you’re trying to get better at World of Tanks, one of the first things you look at is your win rate. For those who haven’t yet reached the point of stressing over win rate (bless you), your win rate is your win-to-loss percentage. Sometimes improving this win rate is as simple as playing the right tank.

Below are the top performing tanks in June based solely on their win rate. These statistics are thanks to vBAddict.net. We’ve used the following parameters to reach these impressive figures: NA Server, 10,000 Battles, and no Premium tanks that are no longer available. Stats are at the time of writing.

If you’re not playing these tanks, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and sort yourself out.

Highest Win Rate Tanks from June - Tier 6

We begin our research at Tier 6, as this is where things can get a bit sticky for tankers, but also where the tanks can finally start competing with higher tiers.


The mighty O-I is a Japanese Heavy tank renowned for its alpha damage. This monstrosity is one of the highest alpha damage Heavy tanks in the game and is also an excellent tank for ramming – if you can get a downhill start. It comes as no surprise that the O-I wins more than half of its games, coming in at 53.26%.


The first Premium tanks enters the list in the form of the Soviet’s very own T-34-85M. This Medium tank boasts an even greater win rate than the O-I: 53.66%. The joy of the T-34-85M is that it can train a five-man crew and earns sweet, sweet credits.

Tiger 131

Capping off the Tier 6 pool is the Tiger 131. This little beast has only recently hit the Premium store and if you haven’t picked it up already, it could be a good idea, especially if you want to train German crew. Though it’s startlingly similar to another tank in the game, the Tiger 131 has walked away from June with a phenomenal 55.29% win rate.

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