Gold and Silver PlayStation 4 - Should You Get One?

The PS4 console family just got some shiny metallic siblings. Are they worth getting?

Our beloved PlayStation 4 console has received a fancy new paint job this week. As of June 28th, Gold and Silver PS4 console bundles are now available from select retailers in-store and online for a limited time. 

If you live in the US, you can pick up a shiny satin Gold PS4 Slim starting at $299 USD from Amazon, Fry's Electronics, and several other retailers while supplies last. This metallic console boasts a 1TB hard drive, making it the same value as the standard PS4 Slim bundle, just with a snazzy gold skin.

Hunting down the Silver PS4 console is a bit trickier if you live stateside. Both Gold and Silver PS4 Slim console bundles are available at select retailers in Europe and Australia, but those versions only come equipped with a 500GB hard drive as opposed to the 1TB Gold PS4 Slim available in the US. However, to make up for the nerfed storage space, these versions come with an additional matching DualShock 4 controller.

For a closer look at the new metallic Gold and Silver PS4 consoles, check out this unboxing from PlayStation Access.

Are the Gold & Silver PS4 Slims Worth Buying?

If you live in the US, you can purchase the 500GB Gold or Silver PS4 Slim bundles from international sites like EB Games, where the asking price is a steep $509.95 USD. The difference between these and the 1TB Gold PS4 Slim sold in the states is the extra controller, smaller hard drive space, and the paint job, if you choose silver over gold. You’d essentially be paying much more for less. 

As far as the Gold version goes, the 1TB Gold PS4 Slim console bundle seems like the obvious choice for anyone looking to buy a new PS4 in the US. Unless you were looking for a PS4 Pro, the Slim is the next best option in terms of price, so you might as well track down a Gold one while supplies last. The Gold and Silver DualShock 4 controllers can be purchased separately, so even if you tacked an extra controller onto the 1TB Gold PS4 Slim bundle sold in the US, you’d still be paying much less than you would if you bought the Gold PS4 bundle from outside the states.

The Silver PS4 Slim is only available outside the US.

Is it worth getting a PS4 Slim with half the hard drive space for nearly double the price, just because it’s painted silver? I don’t think so, but to each his own. Of course, despite the smaller storage, these versions are the more cost effective option for those purchasing from outside the US, so the difference comes down to where you’re buying from. 

Unless you were already in the market for a new PS4, these metallic consoles aren’t necessarily something we’re running out the door to purchase. It’s nice for Sony to offer a few more aesthetically-pleasing console options, but the fact that they are “limited edition” makes it seem more like a marketing attempt to generate false hype for a console most of us already have.

Again, if you are already going to buy a new PS4 Slim anyway, then you might as well snag the blinged-out Gold version while you can. But if a new appearance is all you’re looking for, then maybe just pick up a custom PS4 skin instead.

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