5 Bonehead Mistakes Battlefield 1 Players Make

Prepare to have your feelings hurt if you make some of these silly mistakes.

How many rounds of Battlefield 1 have you played where you couldn’t point your finger at one or more players and shake your head at the dumb mistakes they were making? I’ve been playing Battlefield games for years on the PS3, PS4 and even the PC. I’ve seen it all first-hand, to the point where I regularly ask aloud, “If you’re going to die 30 times per round, could you at least do it on the objective?”

Battlefield 1 players (not us… never us) make silly mistakes so often that it’s rarer to see them doing the right thing. In honor of that, here are the five that we find the most absurd, and that you should avoid at all costs.

Seeking Revenge


There’s nothing wrong with taking a long-range sniper shot to the dome, respawning, and moving on with your life. The sniper isn’t going to win their team the game most of the time, unless you decide to feed them 25 kills because you insist on counter-sniping them out of some misguided attempt to recapture your pride. Let it go and get back to the true objective of the game mode you’re playing. Unless of course you can get YouTube famous with your revenge, in which case, carry on.

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