Top 5 Maps for Sniping in World of Tanks

Beware of snipers when playing on these maps in World of Tanks.

Sniping in World of Tanks is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you’re sniping in one of the best Medium snipers in the game, or blowing enemies away with one of the highest alpha damage Tank Destroyers, what really makes sniping enjoyable is when you get a map where sniping isn’t just a possibility, but firmly encouraged.

Below are five of the best maps for sniping in World of Tanks. Keep in mind that player skill level and preference makes any list subjective, and while you can theoretically snipe on any map (even claustrophobic city maps), these are a few that offer choice locations for snipers.

Did your favorite sniping map make the list?


Starting off our list of top five maps for sniping is Airfield, a map with a tight middle but a lot of space for patient Mediums and Tank Destroyers to lay on the hurt along the flanks. Any team that spawns on the East side can have a field day heading to D8 and enjoying the free damage you can paste on any tanker foolish enough to ignore you.

The center of the map, where the Heavies and Mediums will tend to duke it out, is a prime target for any sniper looking to score some long range hits. Just be careful about those pesky passive scout tanks that sit still and spot you from a mile away.

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