7 Tanks You Have to Play At Least Once

Every World of Tanks player should try these seven vehicles at least once.

There is a heck of a lot of vehicles in World of Tanks, and a casual tanker might not have the time to play every single one. However, there are some that every player needs to play at least once. These tanks might not be the best, they might not deal the most damage, but everyone needs to experience them at some point in their tanker career.

We reached out to the World of Tanks community over on Reddit, and though we couldn’t include them all, we’ve mentioned a couple of tanks that were brought up quite a few times. Did your must-play tank make the list?


The ISU-152 is a Soviet Tier 8 Tank Destroyer, and though new tankers won’t get to experience the thrill of this armored vehicle for a while, it’s one you absolutely have to play at least once.

What makes the ISU-152 so great, I hear you ask. Well, aside from pointing at our article, the highest alpha damage Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks, I can state that the ISU-152 can equip the 152 mm BL-10 (which I lovingly refer to as the “Bad Luck” cannon for anyone at the loud end).

The BL-10 offers 750 alpha damage with 286 mm of penetration. This is absolutely bonkers. Furthermore, equip the HE rounds and that damage jumps up to 950 while the penetration drops to 90 mm (ouch).

As far as tanks go, the sheer damage of the ISU-152 will have you carelessly cruising around the battlefield in search of someone to shoot. Your tank might not last long, but you’ll have a blast erasing the enemy.

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