Attack of the Radioactive Thing - How to Upgrade the MAD Wonder Weapon

Learn how to upgrade the MAD Wonder Weapon in Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's new Absolution DLC is now available, bringing with it a brand-new zombies map, Attack Of The Radioactive Thing. Just like with every new zombies map, a new wonder weapon has been added to Attack Of The Radioactive Thing and in this guide, we'll be teaching you how to obtain and upgrade it.

How To Get The MAD Wonder Weapon

In order to the MAD Wonder Weapon, you'll need to use the Mystery Wheel. Unfortunately, there is no way to build or upgrade the base version, so you'll have to have luck on your side.

How To Upgrade The MAD Wonder Weapon

Step 1: Get The Crowbar

First, you'll need to pick up the crowbar melee weapon, which you'll use to open up three boxes in the next step to get all the buildable parts for the MAD upgrade. The crowbar is located near the Buildable Table at the Motel. If you're unsure on the location, then the easiest way to find the location is go to the Pool and head up the 4-5 steps in the corner. The steps will lead you into the Boiler Room and the crowbar will be located on the ground.

Step 2: Find All Buildable Parts

To upgrade the MAD, you'll need to find and open three fuse boxes scattered around the map. Each fuse box can be opened be melee with your crowbar and can be opened and obtained in no particular order.

  • Fuse Box 1 – The first fuse box is located outside the restroom in the RV Park, which contains the Grip for the weapon.
  • Fuse Box 2 – The second fuse box is located behind the Gas Station/Diner, which contains the Plunger for the weapon.
  • Fuse Box 3 – The third fuse box is located outside the TV Station, which contains the Crank for the weapon.

After all three parts have been obtained, your MAD will automatically upgrade and you'll receive the 'MAD Proto' trophy. The upgraded MAD can have its ammo refilled by interacting with the acid eggs located around the map, meaning the weapon essentially have infinite ammo.

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