7 Tanks Players Fear in Battle

These tanks are some of the most feared vehicles you can face in battle.

We all have a nemesis. We load into a Random Battle full of confidence and ready to lead the charge, only to spot a vehicle on the opposing team that strikes fear into our hearts. Maybe it's the vehicle's speed, firepower, armor or health pool, and maybe it's more than one.

Below, you'll find a list of some of the tanks that we fear seeing in battle the most. Of course, every player is different, so go through the list and see what you agree with, disagree with, and what you'd add that maybe we forgot.

Strv 103B

Swedish TD's in general can be a pain in the neck, but the Strv 103B takes this to a whole new level. Combining armor, mobility, and obscene firepower, the Strv 103B is without a doubt on of the best Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks.

The Strv 103B can reach a top speed of 50 km/h going forwards, and a ridiculous 45 km/h in reverse, with a hp/t ratio and terrain resistance values to back this up. Despite this exceptional mobility, the Strv boasts very good armor that relies entirely on effective values and automatic-ricochet angles rather than nominal thickness. While this certainly does keep the weight down, there are certain drawbacks to doing so. High calibre guns such as 122mm and 152mm calibres and above  can Overmatch part or all of the Stridsvagn, respectively. Another way of working around such well sloped armor would be to fire HEAT rounds due to their ricochet angle being 85 degrees rather than 70, but the spaced armor shield covering most of the front can make this challenging.

The final aspect of the Strv is its firepower, and how it can use it. Not only does the 103B hold the second highest DPM of any vehicle in the game, it can enter Siege Mode in order to keep its dispersion soft stats down to an absolute minimum. Combine this with the excellent camo rating of the vehicle, and you get a stealthy, highly mobile and ridiculously tough platform for a laser-accurate machine gun of a 105mm armament.


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