GIFs of the Week - The Fast and the World of Tanks

Number four can’t be real. Is it real? Really?

What would a week be in the World of Tanks world without having the opportunity to laugh and cry at the various plays made by your fellow community members? It’d be a crap week, that’s what it would be, and I’ll not have that on my watch.

For Week 21 of our World of Tanks GIFs, I’ve combed through the World of Tanks subreddit in search of the amazing, the jaw-dropping, and the utterly and inexplicably stupid. You’ll find it all here, starting with the first GIF this week.

Dude, Seriously?

The first GIF from the World of Tanks Subreddit comes from JoJoJacKy, who has additional characters on their name, but I’m not putting the effort into writing that nonsense out.

What’s important, however, is the clip that JoJo (Can I call you JoJo?) submitted to the subreddit. In it, we can see JoJo rubbing their vehicle’s ass all over the enemy in what is most certainly an attempt to gross them out and cause them to off themselves. And, while I’d love to give JoJo’s teammate the benefit of the doubt and say they just couldn’t stand to watch, I’m positive that they were simply oblivious and blind. Either that, or they were ignoring JoJo’s chat spam as a form of protest. Seriously… JoJo’s teammate needs to read this.

Here’s a shot of the audience as they watch the play unfold.



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