Statistically Speaking: Highest Win Rate Tanks Nobody Plays

Statistically speaking, more people should be playing these tanks.

Picking the right tank for the job is often more than just playing a vehicle you enjoy. Sometimes you need statistics on your side. These tanks are ignored by many, but those that do play them, find they win more matches than they lose.

The statistics below are thanks to These tanks were found using the following parameters: Win rate, NA Server only, at least 5,000 battles and no more than 10,000. Remember, as we all know, the more battles a tank participates in, the closer the average win rate comes to the ideal 50 percent.

These armored vehicles have some of the highest win rates out of all tanks, and nobody is playing them! Time to try out a new tank?

AMX 13 105

The AMX 13 105 enters the list with a mere 5,400 battles, but manages to secure a win rate of 52.71%. Being that it is a Tier 10 French Light tank, it’s reasonable that people might not even have it unlocked, which explains its low battle usage. However, the AMX 13 series of tanks is a group of tanks that players hate fighting against because, like Connor McGregor, they punch above their weight. Perhaps the French Light tank line is worth looking at?

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