7 Best Bottom Tier Tanks in World of Tanks

These tanks can hold their own, even when bottom tier.

Whenever you play World of Tanks, it can feel as if you’re always bottom tier. The trick to surviving as a bottom tier tank is to remain behind or with your top-tier allies, as they can protect you. However, an alternative to this is to play a tank that excels, even though they might be bottom tier!

For those not in the know, being “bottom tier” in a match is when you’re a Tier 3 tank in a battle with Tier 5s, a Tier 6 vehicle in a match with Tier 8s, and so on – you’re the tank the others will pick on.

Thankfully, if you think you’re one of the unlucky few who will always be bottom tier, perhaps you should try out these tanks, as they are extremely powerful, no matter where they fall on the spread.

Cruiser II

Starting off at Tier 3 we have the British Cruiser Mk. II, a Light tank that is able to damage vehicles well above its tier level. The only reason it is able to do so is thanks to its 3.7-inch Howitzer gun upgrade. This gun offers a huge 370 alpha damage at the cost of 47 mm of penetration. Though you won’t be able to penetrate armor, you’ll at least be able to sear it away.

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