GTA 5 Online gets an electric supercar today

Along with double RP and a bunch of deals.

GTA 5 is adding an electric supercar, the Coil Cyclone.

Rockstar's announcement states the that "The Coil Cyclone is here to prove one thing: the days of the combustion engine are over." Well it certainly looks shine enough. You can grab the new beast from Legendary Motorsport.

Along with the new vehicle, you’ll be able to earn double GTA$ and RP for the entire week.

If you fancy earning more, this week’s Premium Race and time trial offer triple RP for any contenders, with GTA$ on the line for the top 3 spots in Premium Race and anyone who beats par time in Time Trial.

Black Friday is also finding its way into GTA, as from today until November 20 Rockstar are offering 25% off the following online features:

    Biker Clubhouse Customizations
    Biker Business Upgrades

    Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
    Gunrunning Tattoos

    Ultralight (Buy It Now & Trade price)
    Aircraft Weapons

    Assault Rifles
    Sniper Rifles

    Technical Aqua (Buy It Now & Trade price)
    Turreted Limo

All in all that's plenty of reason to jump back in, if only to see how that new car handles.

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