Highest Alpha Damage Light Tanks

Though they’re small in stature, these Light tanks pack quite the punch!

Light tanks benefit from small sizes, high speeds, and excellent camouflage ratings, but sometimes that’s not enough. When it comes to damaging an enemy tank, it’s all about the alpha damage and penetration values. While these tanks might not offer the best speeds or camouflage, they do boast the highest alpha damage out of all Light tanks in World of Tanks.

Highest Alpha Damage Light Tanks – Tier 6

Tier 6 Light tanks are just entering the realm of scouting possibility, but for those looking for a little more firepower from their vehicles, these three are the cream of the crop.


The MT-25 is a Russian Light tank that is capable of dishing out 115 points of damage with 125 mm of penetration. This allows it to (somewhat) battle tanks a couple of tiers higher, but caution must still be utilized.


The 59-16 is a Chinese tank that when mounted with its 76 mm 54-76T, offers 115 alpha damage and 138 mm of penetration.

AMX 12 t

The French AMX 12 t is the king of Tier 6 Light tanks in terms of alpha damage, as it’s able to deal 135 points of damage with 144 mm of penetration. This penetration allows it to easily pierce a lot of at-tier Heavy tanks – so long as they’re not angling their armor or it’s not shooting sloped defences.

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