New COD: WW2 Zombies Teasers Appear

Is Marie Fischer a new character in WW2 zombies?

Sledgehammer Games has sent out letters to a few select Zombie YouTubers, leading them on a hunt for new information. MrRoflWaffles was the first to receive the mysterious letter, which he opens in the video below.

The letter is from Klaus Fischer, addresed to his sister Marie. Klaus mentions he finds a sword artifact, and is working on a mysterious, major project for the Nazis. Also in the letter was a secret code that opened an all new section of the classified Call of Duty WW2 website. The code is 12091, and you can enter it yourself on the classified website. After entering the code, you will see a journal entry from the new character, Marie Fischer.

In this journal entry, Marie describes getting increasingly disturbing letters from her brother Klaus. The letter she is referring to is the handwritten letter that MrRoflWaffles received. Marie is an OSS German Soldier who plans to team up with an American group whose goal is to rescue historic artwork from behind enemy lines. Marie of course has no interest in the artwork, but being behind enemy lines will help her figure out what is going on with Klaus.

Marie’s journal has one more piece of exciting information, a photograph that looks very similar to key art from previous Call of Duty zombie maps.

Is this our first glimpse of the Call of Duty: World War 2 Zombies map?

Stay tuned, this story is certainly developing.


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