Highest DPM Heavy Tanks

When you want sustained damage with your heavy armor!

Heavy tanks are all about being bullies and absorbing grotesque amounts of damage. However, even the tanker who enjoys nothing more than going hull-down and holding a position wants to be able to output damage. When it comes to Heavy tanks, these are some of the vehicles that offer the greatest DPM (damage per minute).

Veteran Tankers: Do you value a Heavy Tank’s DPM or is it all about armor and alpha?

The following values are thanks to wiki.wargaming.net and only take into consideration non-Premium vehicles and standard AP rounds - where possible.

Highest DPM Heavy Tanks – Tier 6

Tier 6 is when every tanker needs to start getting their big pants on because they’re about to enter the ring with Tier 8s.

Churchill VII

This British Heavy offers superbly thick frontal armor and an extremely large HP pool, as well as an average DPM of 1,968.


The Soviet lines boast some of the best Heavy tanks, but the KV-85 grants an incredible DPM of 1,976.

VK 36.01 H

The VK 36.01 H is a German Heavy tank with an interesting World of Tanks history. This cumbersome vehicle used to be an agile Medium, but it now offers one of the highest DPMs out of all Tier 6 Heavies, clocking in at 2,625.

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