5 Tanks with Outrageously Fast Reverse Speeds

Going backwards can be just as important as going forwards.

In World of Tanks, moving forwards and pushing into an enemy base is often the most important strategy. However, there are times in a battle where moving backwards is just as critical to your survival.

Whether you’re rocking back and forth from behind cover or trying to peak over a hill as a Tank Destroyer, reverse speed is what will make or break your success. While it’s not always the most useful stat, it can be extremely hilarious to be moving backwards faster than another tank is moving forwards.

If you’re looking for a laugh, these five tanks offer some stupendously silly reverse speeds!

AMX 12 t

The AMX 12 t is a Tier 6 tank known for being the first automatic-loading French Light tank. Each drum of the AMX 12 t holds 4 rounds, making it incredibly useful at bursting down enemy vehicles. When equipped with its 75 mm SA50, it can dish out up to 540 damage, and then scoot back behind cover to reload.

The scoot-back is where the peek-a-boom strategy can fall apart for most tanks, but thanks to a reverse speed of 23km/h, the AMX 12 t can zip back and forth with ease. Couple this movement with its view range and camouflage, and the AMX 12 t will be blasting enemies away without them even seeing your location.

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