'Regroup' Map Pack Coming to Modern Warfare Remastered

The 'Regroup' map pack leaked for Modern Warfare Remastered.

A French video game retailer has posted a listing by accident, announcing that a new map pack called 'Regroup' is coming to Modern Warfare Remastered. It was taken down from the retailer within just several minutes, which could indicate that the listing could be somewhat legitimate.

The listing says that the Regroup map pack will release on August 1, just over two weeks from now, and it'll include four previous Call of Duty maps. Estate called "Palace," Terminal called "Terminal," Highrise called "Skyscraper," and Dome called "Boundary" are all set to be maps returning from previous games. It's unclear at the moment on how legitimate this leak is though, as we can't confirm the credibility of the French reailer. In addition to this, we're only two weeks away from this apparent release and usually Activision would announce their map packs a few weeks before their release, but so far we've heard nothing.

If the map pack was legitimate, then Estate, Terminal, Highrise and Dome would make for great maps within Modern Warfare Remastered, but Activision would likely get some heat and backlash. Since Modern Warfare Remasterd's announcement, fans have been reluctant to accept new content for the game, but regardless, a lot has been added. From new DLC weapons to camos, Activision has added it all. However, a map pack is something that's not yet been added to the game apart from the Variety map pack, that was within the original Modern Warfare.

The Regroup map pack for Modern Warfare Remastered is rumored to release on August 1.


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