5 Things We Learned About the Prise de Tahure Update

The new map, bug fixes and a new gamemode were revealed during the Prise de Tahure livestream.

DICE has revealed the next expansion pack coming to Battlefield 1, Prise de Tahure, along with a number of other features coming to Battlefield 1 this month. NukemDukem joined the DICE devs in a live stream for an exclusive first look at the new map, and showed off some impressive gameplay and a few “Only in Battlefield” moments. But most importantly, the stream detailed what you can expect in the upcoming Battelfield 1 update.

The Prise de Tahure Map

Of course, the star of any new expansion is the map! Prise de Tahure is a map that takes place just after sunset in the late Fall of the Champagne-Ardennes region. Prise de Tahure will be a battle between the French Raiders and the German stormtroopers in 1917.

This night map with a chilly vibe features a beautiful color palate, but you won’t have long to stand around and admire the scenery. Prise de Tahure is a close-quartered map with a dug in trench network, so combat will be fast and fluid. There will be plenty of sniping opportunities however, as a few long sightline lanes can be found. Prise de Tahure should keep a wide variety of playstyles happy.

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