3 Ways Download Faster on the PS4

Here are three secrets to faster PS4 downloads that you might not know.

Over the last several years, game files have increased significantly. Understandably, this becomes frustrating when it causes you to wait several hours to download games and updates, especially if you're dealing with an already slow internet connection.

Before we proceed in showing you the secrets of how to download faster on the PS4, let's first discuss the more commonly used methods.

The most obvious method is setting up your PS4's internet connection with an ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection. Obviously, not everyone has the right setup to do this, but if you think it could be possible to a run a cable from your router to your PS4, then it's highly recommended. In fact, my own ethernet cable is 30m long and the time I spent making sure it ran from the router to my PS4 without it looking horrible my home has been well worth it. While you can often get decent speeds on a wireless connection, you almost always suffer more packet loss than when you use an ethernet cable, which is terrible for online gaming.

Another common method that will speed up your internet connection is making sure that no one else in the house is also using the internet extensively. This can range from other people downloading games and updates, to people streaming movies or TV series on Netflix. It might be a massive annoyance to your family, but asking them to stop what they're doing for a short while will help to improve your speeds significantly.


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