Tanks with the Most Health

Looking for a tank with copious amounts of health? Look no further.

There are a few things players look for when picking a tank: firepower, speed, and armor. A few other stats flitter in and out depending on the playstyle, but those are typically the main contenders. However, there are times when you want a bit more health on your side, just in case your armor gets eroded by shells.

Veteran Tankers: Do you think HP is as important as the other stats on your tank?

These tanks offer a whole lot of positives, but the only factor we’re looking at today is their health quantity. The following stats are thanks to Tanks.gg.

Tanks with the Most Health – Tier 6

Surviving at Tier 6 can be a challenge for even the most experienced player, especially if you roll into the battle bottom tier. These tanks offer the highest hit points of their tier, so consider giving them a shot if you’re looking for pure health.

VK 36.01 H

German Heavies are known for their sturdy armor and decent health, so it comes as no surprise that the German VK 36.01 H makes the list with 950 points of health.


The Japanese Heavy tank, the O-I, is one of the best tanks for ramming given its weight and armor. Further increasing its chances of survival is its 950 points of health.

Churchill VII

The British make their entrance onto the list with the Churchill VII, a Heavy tank with 960 units of health to rely upon.

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