Destiny 2: Inverted Spire Strike Guide

Learn how to get past the drill and take out the Modular Mind in the Inverted Spire Strike.

This guide will help you beat the Modular Mind in the Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2. The Inverted Spire is available in the Destiny 2 beta, and was on display at Bungie's E3 presentation. Those who played the original Destiny will feel right at home while playing the Inverted Spire Strike, but there are a few new twists in this Destiny 2 Strike. Read on to find out how to complete the Inverted Spire in Destiny 2.

Inverted Spire Part 1: Investigate the Cabal

Your Ghost will tell you to investigate the Cabal once you first touchdown. Of course, this means following the waypoint on your screen. Once you arrive at the waypoint you will notice Cabal and Vex fighting it out, for a refreshing memory of Mars. There is nothing to be worried about here as the Cabal and Vex are all easily dispatched, but keep your eye on the shielded Minotaur.

Once all of the enemies have been cleared, you can activate the glowing conflux by holding Square or X while standing next to it.

Inverted Spire Part 2: Press Forward

After you activate the Conflux, a group of platforms will appear. Don't worry, this is by no means a Raid quality jumping puzzle. Use your class ability jump to navigate the tricky sections and make your way to the launch pad portal to reach the next area.

Once you land from the first portal, you'll find yourself in another minor battle between the Cabal and Vex. Watch out for the snipers on the ledge in the back, then make your way to the second portal. Continue to follow the waypoint to enter The Anchor.

Inverted Spire Part 3: Eliminate the Vex

Once you reach the waypoint, you will enter your first Darkness Zone of Destiny 2! Drop down to enter another small battle between the Cabal and the Vex. This time, there is a yellow bar waiting for you, a Blood Guard Centurion. He will be occupied by fighting a Minotaur when you first approach, so get a few heavy shots off while you can. If you have a long-range weapon, like a Scout rifle, you can hang out on the platform where the Centurion was and pick off the Vex across the way.

Inverted Spire Part 4: Eliminate the Drill Officers

Follow the waypoint after clearing out the Vex and you will bump into a new Cabal enemy in Destiny 2, the Gladiator. The Gladiator has two big swords and uses them exactly how you would expect. Thankfully, he is alone on the platform, so focus fire to bring him down.

Continue following the waypoint past minor enemies and a few big drops. Remember to activate your double jump at the bottom of a big fall to prevent yourself from getting damaged.

Once you get close to the drilling site, a Cabal drop ship will send some unhappy guards your way. You will need to eliminate the Cabal security and take out the Drill Officers. Take out the security first, since the Officers hang out in the huts and will only bother you if you get close. A super from any class will make quick work of the Drill Officers.

Inverted Spire Part 5: Reorient the Transit System

You are now closing in on the Cabal Drill, and will notice some heavy machinery doing work. Follow your waypoint to drop down near the Transit System and prepare to fight on the circular platform. There will be a Gladiator waiting for you once you land, and the Cabal Dogs, known as War Beasts, will arrive on a drop pod. They move quickly, but go down as easy as Thrall. The Transit System needs to reach 100%. All you must do is clear out the enemies while it does.

There will be one last yellow bar waiting for you afterwards. Take him out and head to the drill site on your waypoint.

Inverted Spire Part 6: Cross the Drill Site

Unfortunately, you need to get to the other side of the dig site, and there is a big death drill waiting for you in the middle. Always stay as far right as you can and try not to jump if you do not need to. The lower drill is only on the inside track, while the higher drill will pass over you if you aren’t jumping. The middle drill is the reason why you need to hug the wall.

There will be a Phalanx or two waiting to slow you down near the drill, so take them out quickly. Remember to hug the wall and keep moving, and you will reach the Digsite.

Inverted Spire Part 7: Defeat the Modular Mind

Jump down to the platform, remembering to use your double jump near the bottom. Now it's time for your first boss fight in Destiny 2! You will have to defeat the Protheon, a Vex Modular Mind.

The Modular Mind has a small critical spot on his head, so concentrate fire on that. Once you do enough damage, the Modular Mind will get rid of the floor. Don't worry, you are not supposed to hang on anywhere. Let yourself drop down and activate double jump near the bottom. It's now time for the second phase of the Inverted Spire Modular Mind fight.

The Modular Mind will gain a knockback move and will also be able to light the floor on fire. You can stay on the inside to avoid the fire damage, or you can use your character's jump ability to safely hover above. We recommend jumping, since it will keep you out of the Modular Mind's melee attack.

Pay attention to the additional enemies. Ad control is crucial in Destiny 2. Although one goblin is not a problem, 12 could be. Look out for the fire floor and control your ads, then once you reach another damage point, the Modular Mind will take out the floor again.

The Modular Mind now has a flashbang attack, which will cause you to lose your vision if you get too close. He still has the knockback, and can send you off the platform. Being off the platform is not an instant death, however it will gradually drain your life.

Clear the additional enemies to make Protheon's flashbang attack less meaningful. Continue to hit your critical damage, and the Protheon Modular Mind will be down in no time, leaving you with some sweet loot.

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