Statistically Speaking: 5 Maps Where Players Live Longest

The average life-time of a player is longer on these maps than any others!

World of Tanks players love their stats, no matter what the stats are about. The stats could be about win rates, average damage over time, or efficient credit generation and we’d consume it all! While a lot of stats focus primarily on tanks and player performance, there are also statistics for maps!

Thanks to, we’ve collected the stats of five maps where players live the longest. This is obviously an average out of all players on the map across thousands of battles – a tanker’s life time may be longer or shorter!


Starting off our list of five maps where players live longest is Karelia. The average life time of a player on Karelia clocks in at just under five minutes: 4 minutes and 52 seconds.

Karelia typically plays out with Heavy tanks rolling down to the south-east to slug it out while Light tanks will head to the north-west to spot. The centre of the map is the proverbial no-man’s land, with mires and boggy terrain to slow down vehicles.

As you can see from vBAddicts heatmap, the majority of the action takes place around the south-east corner. If you want to stay alive for longer on Karelia, and improve the life time of your vehicle, consider avoiding these intense locations but still pick a position easily defensible.

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