Highest Penetration Light Tanks in World of Tanks

These Light tanks offer the highest penetration of their tank type.

Light tanks offer tankers an opportunity to go fast, spot enemies, and even in certain situations, flanking ability. However, in order to deal damage to an enemy, you need to ensure you can penetrate their armor. If you want to use a Light tank that can get through an enemy tank’s armor, consider using one of these highest penetration Light tanks!

These stats were gathered using Tanks.gg.

Highest Penetration Light Tanks – Tier 6

Starting at Tier 6 is ideal given that the first five tiers are a sort of “trial by fire”. At tier 6, the importance of penetration becomes obvious given the Tier 8 vehicles that enter the matchmaking pool.

VK 28.01

The German VK 28.01 starts off the Tier 6 list of Light tanks with standard shells that offer 132 mm of penetration.


The Chinese get their first entrant on the list in the form of the 59-16, which offers 138 mm of penetration on its standard shells. This is the tank that will inevitably lead to one of the greatest Light tank lines in World of Tanks, the WZ series.

AMX 12 t

The AMX 12 t not only offers an outrageously fast reverse speed, but 144 mm of penetration it its 75 mm SA50. It’s even an autoloading gun, able to fire out its 4 rounds with ridiculous speed.

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