GIFs of the Week - Week 23

Keanu Reeves would be proud of the action shots on display here today.

As another week draws to a close, we here at Tank War Room like to take a moment and look back on the week that was. We don’t do it the normal way (whatever that means), we like to do it using GIFs. These are naturally sourced GIFs, fresh from the internet to your screen.

This week we have a whole host of hilarious shenanigans that took place on the World of Tanks battlefield. These GIFs are thanks to the always entertaining group of users over on the World of Tanks subreddit. Remember, if you have an awesome GIF you want to show the world, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter!

It Can Also Be, A Hat!

Dedzeal shows us their fashion sense in World of Tanks by allowing an enemy vehicle to wear them as a hat. Those Swedish TDs have some excellent sloped armor to not only protect them, but to give the fastest tanks in World of Tanks a sick ramp to jump off!

Posted by Dedzeal

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