5 PS4 'Hacks' that Will Change Your Life

How many of these tricks were you aware of?

The PS4 is the world's best-selling console and with good reason. From its overall simplicity to its exceptional game exclusives, the PS4 has it all. But, even though it has it all, there's always room for improvement. Below we've collected five amazing PS4 "hacks" that will change your life and make your PS4 even better.

CronusMAX Plus

This is for the gamers that might not necessarily like the PS4 controller due to its size compared to that of the Xbox One controller. However, there is a fix and it's called the CronusMAX Plus. The CronusMAX Plus is a small USB stick that slots into one of your PS4 USB ports, allowing you to game with the controller of your choice.

If you're an Xbox convert and struggling to get used to the PS4 controller or perhaps a PlayStation user who likes the Xbox layout, this neat piece of hardware makes it possible for you to use your Xbox controller on your PS4. While it won't be for everyone, it's certainly a handy hack 

The CronusMAX Plus has been used for years by PC gamers too. If you've watched your favorite YouTuber or Streamer and noticed that they're using a controller on a PC game, it's possible they're using the CronusMAX Plus.

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