Destiny 2 Survival Mode Revealed

Bungie detailed a brand new PvP mode coming to Destiny 2, Survival.

Bungie has revealed another new game mode for Destiny 2. We already know about Countdown, and even got to play it in the Destiny 2 Beta, but Survival will be a second new mode coming to Destiny 2. While speaking with IGN First, Bungie detailed the new team oriented mode coming to Destiny 2 when the game launches on September 6th.

Survival will be a part of the Competitive playlist, alongside Countdown in Destiny 2’s Crucible. Survival’s unique rules and team oriented gameplay will make it a good warmup mode for PvP Guardians looking to improve their gun skill for Trials of Osiris. “You are signing on the dotted line; you are getting serious; you are getting the people together that can go in and help you win, and Survival definitely fits that bill,” said Lars Bakken, the Crucible Design Lead at Bungie during the IGN First preview.

 In Survival, each team has a pool of 8 lives. You will respawn like a normal game of Clash from Destiny 1 until your team uses all 8 lives. Once a team has taken all of the other teams lives and eliminated the enemy, the round will end and they will receive one point. A new round will then start with each team getting their 8 lives back. The first team that earns two points will win the match. “[Survival] is really the spiritual successor to Skirmish,” explained Bakken.

Survival looks like it needs a balanced team to be competitive, so start learning the multiple classes of Destiny 2. We can help you learn the Striker Titan, Warlock Voidwalker and Gunslinger Hunter.

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