Top 5 Medic Tips in Battlefield 1

Play the objective and save your teammates with these Medic tips in Battlefield 1.

The Battlefield series has always prided itself on multiple classes of different playstyles and of course, playing the objective. Battlefield 1 is no different, and the Medic class is the perfect example of helping a team win without getting a ton of kills. Being a great Medic in Battlefield 1 is more than shooting the enemy, so there will be an adjustment period for players coming in from other shooters. Follow our tips to be the best Medic in Battlefield 1.

Select Your Rifle for the Map's Playstyle

Battlefield 1 has a variety of maps, some with close-quarters trenches, some with long sightline hills and some that have both. The Medic class has rifles that are not as versatile as what you would find in the more kill oriented classes, so you will need to pay attention to the accuracy stats of your rifles. The 1907 SL is a great option mid to close, but could struggle at range. The 1916 Selbstlader Marksman will be perfect on large maps, but will struggle up close. Your playstyle is also a factor, if you are playing on a large map but always hang out directly under a control point, you will want something close range. If a choice is not working, don’t be afraid to swap on respawn.

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