Highest View Range Tanks in World of Tanks

These tanks will see you before you see them.

A tank’s view range is one of the most important attributes for gaining an upper hand on your enemy. With an increased view range, you can not only see enemies at longer distances, but can also improve your chances of spotting a heavily camouflaged opponent.

Perhaps you’re looking for the next passive or active scout, or maybe you just need a Medium with enough view range to make some Light tanks jealous. Whatever your reason, below are the highest view range tanks from Tiers 6 through to 10. Thanks to Tanks.gg for the following statistics.

Highest View Range Tanks – Tier 6

Tier 6 introduces tankers to the realm of real combat, with enemies potentially appearing in Tier 8 vehicles. Thanks to their view ranges, these tanks will be able to get the jump on their opponents or avoid confrontation altogether.


The British offer up their turret Tank Destroyer, the Achilles, with its 370m view range. This isn’t its only strong point, as its accuracy can really capitalize on this distance, while the mobility can help it get into ideal positions.

VK 28.01

German Light tanks are often known for their scouting abilities, which is why you see so many performing well as passive scouts. The VK 28.01 follows this trend with its 380m view range, allowing it to see enemies well before they get a chance to locate it.


The USA brings the T21 to the table with a view range equally as competitive as the German vehicles’. With a 380m view range, the T21 can sit further back and utilize its 76 mm Gun M1A2 to whittle away the enemy’s health.

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