OpTic and Clayster Get Testy After CWL Match

The OG – eU rivalry is heating up before the Call of Duty World Championships.

A wild weekend at the Call of Duty Stage 2 Playoffs saw a return to form for OpTic and EnVy, but the story everyone will be talking about is what happened between Formal and Clayster after the Loser’s bracket finals.

eUnited shocked OpTic with a 3-0 victory early in the Winner’s bracket, with OpTic getting a chance for revenge later on in the Loser’s final, sending eUnited home 3-2 and moving on to face EnVy in the Grand Final. If Clayster is to be believed however, OpTic handled their success with little class.

Caution, the following Tweets contain NSFW language.

The Founder of MLG weighed in on the matter, letting it be known he was not happy with what went on.

However, Formal may have been upset with something that happened earlier on in the tournament. With Clayster’s history against OpTic, it is very possible that FormaL was not acting unprovoked.

The Call of Duty Championship is less than 2 weeks away, taking place at the Amway center in Orlando on August 9th -13th. It is still unknown if any players involved in this incident will face disciplinary action, though it seems MLG will at least have a word with Clayster and FormaL. OpTic and eUnited have both qualified for the CWL Championship, it will be very interesting if they match up against each other and add another chapter to the OpTic - Clayster rivalry.

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