The Best Ridgeline Warriors in World of Tanks

These tanks skirt the peaks and valleys like no other.

Different tanks are balanced around different roles and as such excel in different scenarios; Russian vehicles tend to enjoy flat ground whereas hull down locations are an American’s speciality. In this article we’ll be taking a look at, in my opinion, some of the best ridgeline warriors World of Tanks has to offer.


Starting off at Tier 6 we have the “Easy 8” Sherman – an absolute hidden gem when it comes to hull down work, providing you can hide that chunky hull. With the small turret size, 12 degrees of gun depression, good short-range mobility, and impressive mantlet armor, it can truly shred its opponents apart with the sub-3 second reload 76mm gun. Death by a thousand cuts.

Strv 74

The Stridsvagn doesn’t share the armor, small turret, or DPM of the Easy 8 but more than makes up for it in accuracy, penetration, and sheer gun depression at an incredible 15 degrees, giving it the third best gun depression value of any tank above Tier 5.

Being able to peek up hills and gain access to a whole array of the enemy team, while barely exposing your own tank, is truly a magnificent feeling. This is even more prominent when you realize you don't have to fully commit to a bush in front of you - where other tanks couldn’t cope with the steep angle - maintaining the foliage’s full camouflage value when you fire through it.


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