7 More Things You Didn't Know About PS4

The PlayStation 4 has been out for 4 years, but there’s no way you’ll know all its secrets.

The first time you set up your PlayStation 4 is an exciting moment. The box is torn open, the games are out, controllers are charged – it’s a memory that’s with you forever. As time goes, we learn more about our PlayStation 4s, about what they can do and what awesome features are being added.

It gets to a point where we think we know everything about it. But your PlayStation 4 might still be hiding some secrets from you! Below are a bunch of features, secrets, and things you probably didn’t know about the PlayStation 4.

Switch Between Apps Quickly

Let’s start off with a really easy one to get us warmed up. The ability to switch between apps, and leave apps running in the background is nothing new. Heck, even the Xbox One can do it. But the problem comes when you want to get back to that other thing you were doing, whether it was browsing the internet or watching a video on YouTube.

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Thankfully, there’s actually a super quick way to switch between two apps. Simply double-tap the PS Home button to instantly flip back to the last app you were using. You can use this to flip-flop between two apps – no more going to the home screen and flicking through to the app you wanted to use.

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