LawBreakers - How to Play the Enforcer Role

Run 'n' Gun your way to victory by learning how to play the Enforcer in Lawbreakers.

This guide will show you the best way to play the Enforcer in Lawbreakers. If you have never played a team based shooter before, and you don’t feel like learning, pick up the Enforcer and kill as many enemies as possible. The Enforcer is the true assault class in Lawbreakers. Keep running and read on to find out how to use the Enforcer in Lawbreakers.

Enforcer Quick Tips

  • The Enforcer can perform all abilities while running, so stay running!
  • Run next to teammates to give them a fire rate and reload boost.
  • Use your Badger to take out Assassins who get too close.
  • The Electromag Charge is great out in the open, where enemies can’t take cover or use an ability to get away.
  • Dropped rocket packs provide one salvo of rockets.
  • Burst fire your Aerator at range to maintain accuracy.

Enforcer Abilities


The Aerator is a fully automatic assault rifle that can do heavy damage at any range. The longer you hold down the trigger, the less accurate it gets, so burst fire the Aerator at long range.


The Badger is called a shock pistol, but it behaves like a shotgun. The Badger has a drastic damage fall off.

Distortion Field

Enforcer’s Distortion Field is a sprint that will boost your fire rate and reload speed for you and nearby teammates.

Electromag Charge

The Electromag Charge grenade will temporarily take away enemy abilities.

Bloodhound Launcher

The Bloodhound Launcher is an auto targeting rocket system that fires homing missiles. Basically, it’s real hard to miss.

Lawbreakers – Enforcer Guide

Playing the Enforcer in Lawbreakers should be an easy transition for people coming in from other games, due to his Aerator assault rifle. The Enforcer is effective at all ranges, but you need to know how to use his tools to be effective. Spray the Aerator for mid-range fights, pulse the Aerator at long range and switch to your Badger when up close.

The Badger has a ton of damage fall off, but is incredibly deadly just outside of melee range. Use your Distortion Field to rush down an enemy with the increased fire rate of the Badger. Don’t be afraid to run away with your Distortion Field either, getting your teammates away and all of your weapons reloaded can swing a match in your favor. The Enforcer is a great slaying character in Lawbreakers, get out in front of your team and start peppering the enemy with damage.

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