5 Sony Ads That Make You Wonder WTF Sony Was Thinking

Sony has a few strange moments in their advertising history.

Using brilliant marketing strategies, powerful consoles and of course, great games, Sony has emerged as the current market leader in the video game industry. Of course, Sony’s success did not come without a few hiccups along the way. While the numerous PSN hacks (we still think Sony’s password is “password”) during the PS3 days are a black eye on the company’s history, it is in the field of advertising where you find some truly WTF moments. Let’s look back at 5 times Sony made us wonder what the hell they were thinking.

Warning, almost all of these are NSFW. Seriously. You're about to see things.

The PS2 Panty Sniffing Ad

Seriously Sony, what on Earth is going on here? Is the point that these guys really like PlayStation? Is this a before and after picture? Is the depressed guy too busy sniffing PlayStation panties to vacuum up the spilled pretzels? Wait, is he sitting on a seat that was taken from a car? Why would the other guy put a mattress there? So many questions here, and yet none of them make you think about PlayStation.

Fun fact, the Circle panty looks like the Mario Kart wheel that holds a Wiimote. Think about this ad next time you sit down to play a wholesome family game of Mario Kart.


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