LawBreakers - How to Earn More Creds

Increase the amount of Creds you get by following these tips.

LawBreakers is the latest online craze, with players everywhere looking to unlock new skins and decals for their characters. In order to unlock more custom items, you will need to earn more Creds – LawBreakers’ in-game currency.

How to Earn More Creds

Earning Creds in LawBreakers isn’t a straight forward procedure, as there is currently no guaranteed way to amass a stockpile. Despite this, there are ways you can increase your chances of earning more Creds.

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Every time you level up or unlock an achievement, you will earn LawBreakers’ version of a loot box, known as Stash Drops. Stash Drops contain a bunch of cosmetic items, such as decals, skins, and stickers, as well as the occasional pile of Creds. Obviously, leveling up faster involves winning, so using the best classes, such as the excellent Assassin class, can be a good idea.

These Stash Drops are also an excellent way of expanding your collection of cosmetic items, which are used to customize your characters and personalize your game. In the event you open a Stash Drop and receive an item you already own, LawBreakers will instead give you some Creds.

While it’s not ideal, the best way to earn more Creds is to:

  • Play more games
  • Level up to earn Stash Drops
  • Unlock achievements to earn Stash Drops
  • Open Stash Drops and hope for Creds

It will be slow-going collecting Creds at first, but once you accrue a large amount of skins, decals, and stickers, you will find that you receive more duplicate items from your Stash Drops, which in turn nets you more Creds in LawBreakers.

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