Top 7 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

Find out how to best spend your cash when it comes to Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks.

Premium Tanks are one of the best things you can spend your hard-earned money on – and we’re talking Dollars or Gold, not Credits. Premium Tanks provide bonus XP and Credits from every battle you play compared to their Standard counterparts, as well as enabling you to train crews assigned to other tanks of the Premium’s nation and class faster than you could otherwise.

Unless you’re simply interested in the tank itself, I would advise avoiding Tier 7 and below Premium Tanks and instead splash the extra cash on getting yourself a Tier 8 one as they earn quite significantly more credits compared to their lower Tier counterparts. Any Premium Tank that is either available in the game client, online store, or is commonly sold/recently released is eligible for this list, however rare Premiums are not – we won’t be seeing an E 25 here.

Type 64

If you’re absolutely hell-bent on getting a Tier 6 Premium Tank, or already have a higher tier Credit grinder, then I’d recommend the Type 64 – there’s a reason it was one of the Highest Win Rate Tier 6s of July.

Balanced around its old Scout matchmaking, the Type 64 was an excellent pseudo-Tier 7 with a high rate of fire, blistering mobility, and exceptional Scoutability, checking all the boxes for a capable Light Tank. Then, in Update 9.18, Light Tanks received a rework and had their statistics changed to account for the removal of Scout matchmaking. Except, being a Premium Tank, the Type 64 didn’t, meaning it now has Tier 6 matchmaking with the statistics of almost a Tier 7, making it arguably quite over powered. Not only this, but unlike its Chinese brethren, the Type 64 does not suffer from poor gun depression – quite the contrary – with an outstanding 10 degrees.

To learn how to play this exemplary Tier 6 Light Tank more effectively, check out my guide on how Spotting Range works.


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