Six minutes of gameplay from thatgamecompany's Sky

From the creator of Journey.

The first proper footage of gameplay from thatgamecompany’s Sky has been shown off.

Published by IGN, the footage shows the opening of the next game from the studio behind Journey and Flower.

Narrated by creative director, Jenova Chen, the footage starts off with a our player, a faceless child of shadow, alone on a beach.

As you progress, your avatar gains new visual characteristics as they gain light. These come with corresponding abilities to help you progress.

Chen emphasis the need for cooperation in the title, citing inspiration from fans who wanted to play Journey with their children or friends.

“It’s a game where compassion, generosity and collaboration are the heavy focus," Chen says. A few minutes into the footage, several players work together to open a door. Chen says these players can be those in the same room or remotely.

Candles play a big role in the game, used in progressing through puzzles as well as interacting or “bonding” with other players.

Chen also discusses how the team emphasised the mobile-first nature of the game, allowing most commands to be input with a simple swipe. In the footage we see the player’s avatar range from bounding across landscapes to soaring on a cape through a cloudy sky. It’s all as gorgeous as you’d expect from the team behind Journey.

“We want this experience between you and your family to feel like you are all children, and you get to experience something you’ve never seen before,” Chen explains. “To share the sense of wonder with your family and friends."

Sky will launch first on iPhone and iPad this year before later moving to other platforms.

“To bring you closer to each other. That’s the real goal for the project.”

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