Top 9 Assault Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks

Blitz your enemies at high speed with thick steel.

The “Assault” Heavy Tank is one of the deadliest sub-classes in World of Tanks. Also known as the Fast Heavy, they share exceptional mobility for Heavy Tanks that’s more comparable to a Medium Tank, while typically retaining enough armor to prevent damage, or at least reduce the enemy’s effective DPM by forcing them to stop and aim. Not only this, but it’s not uncommon for an Assault Heavy to house firepower above the norm for both Heavies and Mediums alike.

If sheer armor thickness is more your thing, check out The Greatest Super Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks. Alternatively, opt for greater mobility with the Best Medium Tanks this game has to offer.

Tier 6 - KV-85

Starting off at Tier 6 we have the KV-85. Lacking any real armor values whatsoever, the KV-85 makes up for it with exceptional mobility for a Heavy Tank. Its effective traverse speeds are comparable to Medium Tanks’, and its respectable top speed of 34 km/h allows you to keep up with the progressing battle with relative ease.

The real strength of the tank comes with its 100mm main armament, however. Over 2000 DPM and 250 alpha damage high-penetration AP rounds enables the KV-85 to decimate practically any foe it’ll meet. You should watch out for terrain features, though, the KV-85 doesn’t deal with inclines well at all with its 3 degrees of gun depression.


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