OpTic Sweep Aside a Fiesty MF Black Side

The Green Wall gets off to a hot start in the Call of Duty World Championship Bracket Stage.

OpTic Gaming handled the Australian underdogs with a competitive 3-0 sweep to begin their hopes of a title run. Mindfreak Black fought hard, especially considering they were the second choice Australian team, but in the end the class difference was evident.

Mindfreak Black actually managed to tie up the Hardpoint at 120 a piece, but OpTic took over from there and closed out the game by a score of 250 - 148. Search & Destroy was also closer than expected, with MF Black mkaing the pro-OpTic crowd sweat a little bit. But in the end OpTic showed why they are the favorites, closing out the S&D round by a score of 6-4.

Dropping 0-2 against a team like OpTic is a tough task for anyone, and MF Black buckled in Game 3 Uplink. The Green Wall domination everyone expected finally took place, with OpTic taking Uplink 15-3.

Next up for OpTic is the Euro champs Splyce, while Mindfreak Black looks to continue their surprise run from the Loser's Bracket.

Image Credit: Lance Skundich

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