OpTic Sweeps Luminosity to Set Up Rematch With EnVy

Luminosity's dream run through Losers hits a Green Wall.

FormaL put up an amazing plus 33 in kills and OpTic Gaming swept aside Luminosity to force an eClassico rematch. The Green Wall showed no signs of a hangover after the disappointing loss in the eClassico, taking the opening Hardpoint map 250-107. It was Karma and FormaL once again leading the charge.

Classic grabbed a 10 second ace to answer OpTic's opening round S&D win, but Crimsix had the answer to go up 2-1. FormaL was the straight shooter in a 1v1 with Straight, giving OpTic a 4-1 lead, but yet another fast first blood from Classic gave Luminosity another round. Karma had the answer to bring OpTic to map point, and Crimsix closed it out. FormaL led the way with 10 kills for the Green Wall, as Classic did everything he could for Luminosity with 2 plants and 12 kills.

OpTic took their 2-0 lead to Uplink. and it was Crimsix leading the way with a 3 piece to give Optic the early lead. Luminosity answered with a throw for 3-1, but OpTic had the response with another dunk to take a 5-2 lead into the half.

The second half started with both teams unable to find their offensive footing, with OpTic more than happy to push back Luminosity's attacks. The flood gates opened eventually, resulting in an easy 9-2 win for OpTic Gaming and a 3-0 of the previously inform Luminosity. 

Up next, OpTic will try to win their first Call of Duty World Championship against a Team EnVy squad looking to repeat.

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