7 Things PS4 Could Learn from Xbox One

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The PlayStation 4 is an unmitigated success for Sony, pulling in millions of gamers onto an excellent piece of hardware, to experience incredible first-party games. Even the best of the best has room to improve, and the PlayStation 4 is no different.

There are a few things that the PS4 could learn from the Xbox One, and while some of these are small, a few of them are pretty big and would make the PlayStation 4 an even more appealing console choice.

Change PSN Name

Let’s start off with an important suggestion, and a feature we want in the PS4 Update 5.0: the ability to change your PSN name. The name you chose when you first signed up for your PlayStation Network account is with you for life, because for some reason, there is currently no way to change it.

The ability to change your online name is nothing new for Xbox users, as they’ve had the ability to do so since the Xbox first launched. It’s a simple process with a small price attached to it. I know a few people on my PSN list who could do with a new PSN name. In this day and age, where you can change the name of whatever online profile you have, Sony are living in the past with their name-changing limitations.

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