vBAddict is Shutting Down in September

The popular World of Tanks stat-focused site will be closing its doors in a few weeks.

World of Tanks is a game where information is power. The more you know about your vehicle, the vehicles around you, and your enemy, the better your chances of winning and surviving. Unfortunately, the flow of information is about to slow, as popular World of Tanks data-website, vBAddict, will be shutting down for good in the next few weeks.

vBAddict creator Phalynx.eu detailed in a forum post how time and server maintenance costs have gotten to be investments they can no longer justify.

I'm not playing WoT for almost three years. For almost two years it feels like a burden to keep the site up. It requires a massive amount of time to keep up with the WoT updates. In the last months I didn't always had the time, required updates were delayed. Additional, but not decisive, the amount of donations and banner revenue are not even covering the server costs.

To make a long story short, I'm giving up with this. Site will be online at least few weeks. At the end of September vBAddict will be shut down.

The closing of vBAddict will no doubt leave a void that needs to be filled. Whether you’re trying to learn the ins and outs of a new vehicle, or you’re creating a piece of content for World of Tanks fans, vBAddict has long been there to lend a hand. Players and websites alike have used the site extensively over the years. In fact, many of our own articles credit vBAddict for providing the data that we use.

We at Tank War Room wish Phalynx.eu nothing but the best going forward, and extend our gratitude for their creation and maintaining of a fantastic World of Tanks resource.


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