Have The Right ISP and Get Free Stuff in Destiny 2

What’s next, use the right energy company and get an Exotic Weapon?

Advertising movies and games on consumer products, like drinks and food, is nothing new, but it sure gets to be a bit much when deals extend to services. The latest company to cash in on the astronomical success of Destiny is Virgin Fibre in the United Kingdom, an internet provider.

Accidentally posted online earlier than it should have, a U.K.-only deal involving customers of Virgin Fibre was spotted by those keen-eyed sleuths of the internet. Anyone who has an account with the ISP will receive a special Sparrow when Destiny 2 launches, either on September 6 for console or October 24 for PC users.

There’s nothing too special about the Sparrow, so I’ll put my pitchfork down for now. It’s a red Sparrow with white highlights – just like the Virgin colors. That’s some pretty nice in-game advertising their UK customers will be doing for Virgin.

Companies need to make money – and tell me if I’m way off beat here – but this is getting to be a bit much. I can accept special offers being attached to Pop Tarts, I can swallow limited swag being given when you buy an energy drink, but when it’s attached to actual services it feels tacky. Will a specific brand of painkillers unlock a special mission?

An exclusive offer through a service somehow feels wrong when compared to products.
The exclusive Sparrow is a reward for signing up to Virgin Fibre. I guess this is the future of advertising.

Let’s keep these product offers to consumables where the cost is under $10, don’t make players feel the need to sign up for hundred-dollar services. How do you feel about this, if you’re in the U.K., do you want to switch providers now?

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