Top Premium Tanks to Farm Credits

Sow the gold cost and reap the rewards.

There’s a large spectrum of Premium Tanks in World of Tanks, and finding the best one for you can be a challenge. First you have to determine what you want from a Premium Tank: a good crew trainer, a fun tank, or – as we’ll be focusing on in this article – a good credit farmer.

Getting the most credits out of your Premium Tank depends on two main aspects. Firstly, the tank’s profitability. What tier is it? How expensive is its ammunition vs its alpha damage? Is its penetration especially low which may encourage the use of Premium ammunition? etc.

Secondly, does the tank fit your play style, and is it good? This, in my opinion, is the main criteria. It’s all well and good being told the Defender is a great Premium Tank, but if you don’t like inaccurate guns with long reloads it might not be the tank for you. Similarly, if a tank has a very low ammunition cost but you despise playing it because it’s slow, has no turret, and is called the Jagdtiger 8.8cm then you’re going to regret your purchase.

You have to be able to deal significant amounts of damage, or consistently rack up assistant damage, without spending too much on running the tank in order to farm credits, and if your tank is lack lustre or you just can’t make it work then you’re not gonna be raking in the big bucks. For this reason, I’d strongly recommend checking out my Top 7 Premium Tanks in terms of power level to find a variety of choice.

A lot of the following options are backed up by NA server statistics for the prior month, provided by vBAddict – an incredibly useful statistic-based site unfortunately soon to be closed down.


While I wouldn’t normally recommend a Premium Tank below Tier 8 for grinding credits, some players have a limited budget preventing them from getting the most value out of the higher tiers. For these players, we have the T-34-85M. Recently buffed into a solid all-rounder with exceptionally high firepower, its alpha damage is significant enough to out-trade most. Combine this with decent gun handling and outstanding DPM, and you have a cannon that can shred your opposition into credits.

Not only this, but when angling and utilising its gun depression, the otherwise weak hull armor becomes capable of bouncing most rounds from equal and lower tier opponents with ease. The turret armor is also heavily rounded at the edges, all in all preventing your vehicle from taking damage and therefore keeping down repair costs. The T-34-85M was one of the highest win rate tanks of July and was recently free to obtain over the course of a very easy to complete marathon event.


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