Looks Like PlayStation was Just Hacked

Looks like at least the PlayStation Twitter was hacked, but maybe more.

Well, PlayStation fans, it’s probably time for you to go over all the security options in your PSN accounts. It looks like PlayStation was either just hacked, or could be in the middle of an ongoing hack. There is no word from Sony at this point, but a tweet points to a potential problem.

As reported by Shacknews, a Twitter account called RPG Site screen grabbed a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter. The PlayStation tweet has since been removed, but the RPG Site tweet show the images they grabbed of the tweets.

A few minutes after the tweets went out, RPG Site also showed screen grabs of the PlayStation Facebook page, indicating that it too looks to be compromised.

At this time, we’re not sure if the hack extends to the PlayStation Network, but it’s safe to say that all PSN account holders should take whatever steps they feel are necessary to securing their information. We are by no means experts in this field, so do your own research, but removing your payment methods from your PSN account temporarily doesn’t seem like a horrible idea.

This is not the first time PlayStation has been targeted. The PlayStation Network being hacked is among the top 10 biggest fails in PlayStation history.



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