Battlefield 1: Revolution is Available and People Are Super Angry

Battlefield 1 is receiving a "Game of the Year Edition" before most of the DLC is available.

Battlefield 1 has been out since October 21, 2016, so it’s about time for an ultimate edition, Game of the Year edition, or whatever you want to call it when a publisher takes the base game and slaps all the DLC into a nice little package. This is the very deal that was accidentally leaked on Amazon at the start of the month.

Revealed as “Battlefield 1: Revolution” at Gamescom 2017, this collection will include the following items:

  • Battlefield 1 base game
  • Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
  • Harlem Hellfighter Pack
  • Red Baron Pack
  • Lawrence of Arabia Pack
  • New Behemoth Visual Appearance
  • 5 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

This is excellent news for anyone who didn’t want to jump in when Battlefield 1 first launched and who missed out on months of games. However, as always, there’s a whole lot of commotion about how this isn’t fair for those who have been with Battlefield 1 since it launched and who purchased the Premium Pass.

Unfortunately for those Premium Pass holders, there are still two pieces of DLC that are yet to be released, not including In The Name of the Tsar. This means that anyone who purchased the Premium Pass is immediately out of pocket compared to those who buy the Battlefield 1: Revolution package.

Normally this is understandable, but only if the content someone has paid for has been available well before a “collection” is sold. Take for instance Destiny: The Collection that included the base game plus the 4 pieces of DLC. This collection launched well after The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King expansions, but alongside the Rise of Iron DLC – but at a higher price compared to those who purchased the Rise of Iron DLC standalone.

This equated to Destiny players (who already had all the content) only needing to buy the Rise of Iron DLC. Players who had waited, though they got the old DLC for cheaper, weren’t paying a lower price point for content that old players hadn’t received yet. This is the opposite of what is happening with Battlefield 1: Revolution.

Premium Pass holders paid $50 USD for the four pieces of content (plus $60 for the base game) and have yet to receive the second DLC drop. Whereas anyone who purchased Battlefield 1: Revolution will be receiving everything for $59.99 USD, so you can see why people are, let’s just say, “upset”.

If you’re new to Battlefield 1, definitely grab the Revolution edition. If you’re like me, and already own the Premium Pass, I guess we can go and suck some lemons.

Source: EA Press Release

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