Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Your Prize Trophy

Learn how to unlock and where to find the Your Prize Trophy in Uncharted.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is here, and it’s chock full of story missions, puzzles, and of course, the mighty collectible. Uncharted games are known for their collectibles, but they’re often difficult to find. One such item is the Your Prize Trophy, which can be unlocked during Chapter 4.

How to Unlock the Your Prize Trophy

The Your Prize Trophy in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a Trophy that is reward for reaching the top of a specific tower in the game. You will need to load up Chapter 4: The Western Ghats to begin the long process of unlocking this Trophy.

Open up your map and look for a building at the very center – this is the Hoysala Empire tower. Take note of where it is, and begin making your way toward it. When you reach the tower, your only goal is to start climbing.

You will need to climb up the outside, using the handholds and ledges. If you’ve played Uncharted before, this will be a walk in the park. When you reach the top you will need to listen to everything Chloe says – if you leave too soon, you won’t get the Trophy.

Be sure to look around at the view, soak it all up. The scene you are waiting for is when Chloe begins doing some yoga. You should have the Trophy by the time Chloe finishes her yoga, at which point you can climb down from the top. To save some time, head inside the tower and use the elevator.

The Your Prize Trophy is a pretty simply collectible to unlock, but it is just as easy to miss on your first time through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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