5 Tips to Secure Your PSN Account

Keep your PlayStation account safe!

Online security is becoming an increasingly bigger topic of discussion as we all shift toward more digital means of living. Now that we can do banking online, shopping online, and just about anything online, it’s worth knowing how to keep your information secure. One such area that seems to be struggling a bit is the trusty-old PlayStation Network, but rest assured, because we have some tips on how to keep your PSN account secure.

Before you begin keeping your account secure, make sure you read through any and all information that Sony has provided to ensure you stay safe online.

Hide Your Real Name

One of Sony’s biggest fails has been their seemingly lax security. After the massive security breach a few years ago, gamers have become a bit more cautious. However, one tip that will help keep your personal life away from your gaming life is to hide your real name.

People online don't need to see your real name, so go ahead and hide it to improve your PSN security.
Unless you work online, people don't need to see your real name! Go ahead and hide it.

The PS4 has a feature where you can share your real name with your close friends and family. This is conceptually a good idea, but putting your real name out there sometimes isn’t the best idea. Your friends and family already know your real name, so there’s no need to be sharing it with them – right?

To turn off this feature, head to: PS4 Settings, PlayStation Network/Account Management, and then Privacy Settings. Select Connecting with Friends and change Friends of Friends and Search to “No One”.

In the previous menu, select Protecting Your Information and change Games to “No One”. You will also see that this menu has two options from “Connecting with Friends”, if you’ve already changed those options, you should see that reflected here.

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