5 Tips from an Elite World of Tanks Player

Take the first steps to becoming a Unicum.

World of Tanks is a game full of Game Mechanics and various Tank Classes, and players know how they can improve in these regards. Read the guides on Game Mechanics to familiarise yourself with those. Find specific tanks that you struggle against and read up on their statistics. All pretty straightforward stuff there.

In this article, however, I’ll be giving some tips on the little things that go unmentioned which I’ve learned over the years.

Scoping Out After Firing

The situational awareness on some players is shockingly poor. Even if you’re not this IS-4 player, it can be easy enough to tunnel vision to a lesser degree before ultimately getting punished for it. One very simple way of dealing with this is scoping out between shots.

Providing you’re not using an MG42 and rather your tank’s main armament, you don’t have to keep your cursor directly on the target all of the time. When you’ve already fired, scroll out to get a wider view around you while your loader is busy reloading, it can seriously help to avoid taking a huge hit from that hungry-looking Glass Cannon zeroing in while you’re busy dealing with someone else.


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