7 Greatest Moments in PlayStation History

The smirk of a man who knows he's just won, and many other greatest PlayStation moments!

Those who have been with PlayStation since it first burst into our living rooms with the PlayStation 1 will have no doubt seen a lot of awesome moments from the ultimate gaming company. There’s nothing quite like seeing a new game or a new console, or just a presenter being a bit cheeky at E3. We’ve dug through our memories and come up with seven of the greatest moments in PlayStation history. Let us know in the comments what PlayStation moments are your favorite!

PlayStation 1

We need to start at the very beginning because this is where all the awesome moments kicked off. Without the original PlayStation there would be no greatest moments, no best game franchises, no iconic controller, or the ground-breaking technology.

The PlayStation introduced many of us to the world of gaming. Growing up with a PlayStation meant pouring hours into games like Final Fantasy VII, or trying to work out what “slalom” meant in Driver. It helped teach us the importance of rationing and being smart with money, all because of that teeny tiny 8MB memory card.

Do you remember keeping the PlayStation switched on overnight because we didn’t have a memory card? How about having to replay the same levels over and over because we couldn’t save and were just happy to be gaming?

Then there were all the secrets and cheats you would have to trade with friends. Scribbling cheat codes on pieces of paper so you could try and unlock all weapons in GTA, or doing a series of weird tasks because a friend’s cousin said it would unlock something. These were the moments that made the PlayStation 1 so damn awesome.

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